The Safest, Non-Toxic Toothpaste for Kids (That You Don’t Make Yourself)

kids toothpaste without chemicals

Safe Toothpaste For Kids!



When searching for a toothpaste for my toddler, you know I was looking for THE safest on the market. This is yet again another category of products where parents are spending money on “green” products that they believe are safe…and yet they still are loaded with toxic chemicals. Often on social media when I read someone asking about safer toothpastes, well-meaning “green” parents are suggesting brands that still contain:

SLS: Strong concerns about contamination and creating highly toxic 1,4 Dioxane

Calcium Lactate: Linked to cancer

Limonene: Linked to developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies, skin irritation

Undefined Flavors: We don’t know what the exposure is

Propylene Glycol: Linked to organic system toxicity, allergies, irritation

and the list goes on… And of course those toxic traditional toothpastes are loaded with even more chemicals! Just look at the warning to call poison control and not to swallow it at all! Scary!

Chemicals in traditional toothpaste include:

Fluoride: Linked to fluorosis of the bones (weakens the bones)  and teeth (permanent discoloration and dark spots), is emerging as a neurotoxin, and has been linked to lowering IQs when infants and children (and possibly fetuses) are exposed. Even if you plan on using toothpaste, NONE is recommended by the ADA until 2 and then some experts say zero till 8 or 9 years old. Even if you brush with it and spit it out you are ingesting some….twice a day…every day.

Triclosan: This is an antibacterial that should always be avoiding in all products! Much less in your mouth! It is linked to cancer and antibiotic resistant bacteria that are growing exponentially!

Artificial Colors: These are petroleum products and are linked to hyperactivity

PEGS: Linked to organ system toxicity. The greatest concern is it will create highly toxic 1.4 Dioxane or Ethylene Oxide when combined with other ingredients

Artificial Flavors, Saccharin or Other Artifical Sweeteners and more!

And a long list of these as well! Whew!

So I found a company called Treehouse owned by Nature Clean. They have the safest commercial toothpaste I have been able to find!

Here are the ingredients:

CALCIUM CARBONATE, XYLITOL, GLYCERIN, WATER, SODIUM BICARBONATE, CHONDRUS CRISPUS (CARRAGEENAN), DECYL GLUCOSIDE, HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA (WITCH HAZEL) DISTILLATE, NATURAL MELON (or whatever flavor you choose) FLAVOUR, STEVIA REBAUDIANA, PROPOLIS EXTRACT. My toddler loves it and the taste. I don’t have to worry about her ingesting it (although we teach her not to). It makes brushing a lot easier when they like doing it! Thanks Treehouse! We LOVE that it is one of two kids toothpastes that rank a ZERO on the Skin Deep Database! Yay!

What toothpaste do you use? Have you checked if its safe?


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5 thoughts on “The Safest, Non-Toxic Toothpaste for Kids (That You Don’t Make Yourself)

  1. Great article! I saw that you referenced the Environmental Working Group (EWG) – they are such an incredible resource for us green mamas. Today I learned that we can support EWG every time we shop on Amazon (via a special link – see below) – a portion of your purchase goes to them, no matter what we buy. What an easy way to support all of EWG’s research and watch doggedness!

  2. Its not a safe choice of has Xylitol which is a sweetner that was treated with chemicals to create and can be very harmfull in large amounts causing death in rats (HMMM) and also carrageenan which is a carcinogen,look for a better alternative

    • Hi and thanks for your comment!

      No commercial toothpaste is perfect…this is why the headline is that it is the safest that you don’t make yourself. Commercial toothpastes all contain something questionable. However, this one ranks a zero on the cosmetics database for toxins and is the safest recommended. If you want to avoid all questionable ingredients you will need to make your own. It is way better than the other commercial options…even the “green, non-toxic children’s” ones. And miles better than traditional toxic toothpaste.

  3. I agree Danno. It has carrageenan and xylitol in it. I don’t think those are considered non-toxic. Honest toothpaste for kids also has carrageenan in it. Can’t win!

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