Are The New “Green Pans” Safe?
nanotechnology not safe for use in cookware

Are Green Pans Safe?



The short answer is….we just don’t know.

And at Organic Baby University we don’t recommend pregnant women or children being guinea pigs for new chemicals and if you are using these…you might be that guinea pig.

These new “green” pans are a mix of nano-technology (sometimes ceramic, diamonds dust or some other particle that is so small it is called nano and other chemicals or materials. We don’t know nearly enough about nano technology and its safety when ingested …we DO KNOW and it has been admitted by the companies that these surfaces do break down and get into your food. We DO KNOW that even safe, organic sunscreen companies don’t use this technology for use ON YOUR SKIN due to concerns for safety. The companies who make these pans say it takes a long time to break down and it won’t hurt you. But all you have to do is read the reviews on Amazon to find that they can break down in a matter of weeks or months. And it is safe? We have heard that before. When asked what exactly is in the surface we are told it is “proprietary”. Not going to tell us what we are being exposed to? No thanks. Enough said.

If you are pregnant or have little ones it is especially important to know what you are being exposed to…TEFLON pans are linked to fertility problems and a long list of health issues, aluminum pans leach aluminum which accumulates in the brain and bones. Stick with GLASS, stainless, cast iron and ceramic cookware.

(QUICK TIP: You can buy high end cast iron on EBay for deep discounts for quality pans that last a lifetime)

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