Products We Love!- Non-Toxic Deodorants That Actually Work!
Traditional deodorants avoid during pregnancy

Solay Natural Deodorant

When I began implementing my “toxic free” lifestyle, one of the first items I had decided to switch was my deodorant. Breast cancer runs in my family, and I had heard there were concerns about some of the ingredients and breast cancer. I knew about the aluminum in deodorants, but was not aware of all the other chemicals that were potentially linked not only to breast cancer, but also other diseases and disorders. While deodorant may seem like a fairly benign product to most, traditional deodorants contain a long list of chemicals including:

Parabens: Preservative. Suspected endocrine disruptor (disrupts/ mimics estrogen), found in breast cancer cells

Aluminum: Suspected to be linked to Alzheimer’s, potentially breast cancer, neurotoxin and more

Triclosan: An antibacterial. Endocrine disruptor (affects hormones), contributing to the rise of antibacterial resistant diseases

Fragrance: Most often from chemicals known as phthalates. Suspected endocrine disruptor (affects or mimics hormones) These are linked to birth defects in boys, cancer, and a long list of other diseases and disorders

Propylene Glycol: Used for deicing, antifreeze, a solvent for plastics …and to absorb extra moisture in food and personal products. Linked to allergies, immunotoxicity, suspected to be toxic

And this is just a few! There are MANY others in a typical deodorant! When you think about applying these chemicals to your body every day for your whole life, it may not seem so harmless after all! When you are pregnant you have to be even more thoughtful about the types of products and chemicals you are putting on your body as a small percentage will be absorbed into your bloodstream and can cross the placenta and into your baby’s body.

The problem with the “safe” deodorants in my experience is they didn’t work! I wanted to be safe…but I certainly needed them to WORK! I didn’t seem right that I had to choose between being stinky and being safe! Well, after trying a TON or deodorants and spending a small fortune, I found two brands that are safe and WORK! I want to share those with you so you can  can safe your time and money! Whew!

Our first great deodorant is Solay Essential Natural Deodorant Powder by Solay Wellness. At first I was a little put off by the idea of a powder for a deodorant…but it just goes to show you how well “trained” I have been by the traditional companies. I mean who says it has to come in some sort of stick form? Solay’s deodorant is a powder that you can apply with your hand or with a cotton puff. I just use my hand and rinse of the extra. No biggie there…but does it work? Yes! It actually worked better than my old traditional chemical-laden types! I was really surprised! And excited about it! I actually loved that it was a powder because it felt refreshing when you apply it, rather than sticky or moist. I have been using it for months now and unlike some others that work for a few days or a few weeks and then stop…this one is still going strong! And check out the ingredients:

Ingredients: Himalayan salt, Aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract.

Safe deodorant while pregnant

Solay Rose Natural Deodorant

They make their deodorants in fragrance free, rose, lilac, passion fruit and coconut! Those with fragrance are made with natural and organic fragrance in a dextrose base which is formulated with essential oils and true flower essences. They are kosher, vegan, gluten free and contain no allergens. Scores a zero on the cosmetics database! LOVE this product! Highly recommend it!

Another great option we have found is MiEssence Deodorants! They are traditional roll-ons with non-toxic ingredients but don’t leave any white stuff on your underarms or clothes! Yay! They also score a zero on the cosmetics database. I used this brand before I tried the Solay powder. This brand really works! I used it last summer when I was 7 months pregnant in the desert AND during natural childbirth!! If that isn’t a test what is? They come in three scents: unscented, Tahitian Breeze and Ancient Spice. 89% of the ingredients are organic. The ingredients are:

Purified water, organic aloe vera leaf juice, sodium bicarbonate, non-gmo xantham gum, proprietary blend of essential oils (solvent-free), organic bergamot essential oil (solvent-free), organic lime essential oil (solvent-free), organic ylang ylang essential oil (solvent-free), organic patchouli essential oil (solvent-free), organic geranium essential oil (solvent-free).

chemicals to avoid while pregnant

MiEssence Deodorant

There you go! Two amazing products that WORK! No more worrying about chemicals….or being stinky! Both are available online and I know shipping costs can be frustrating! They both offer cheap shipping and I always buy in bulk to make it no big deal. TOTALLY worth it though! I don’t want to continue to expose myself (or unborn babies) to chemicals that are found in breast cancer cells or are linked to birth defects and more! Yikes!

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4 thoughts on “Products We Love!- Non-Toxic Deodorants That Actually Work!

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to make my own deodorant lately but if these are safe AND work maybe I should just buy one of these instead! Thanks for providing the information!

  2. The only thing that concerns me about the Solay is that it’s mostly made out of salt. This could be detrimental to those concerned with high blood pressure as they could absorb it through their skin. Therefore, I would opt for the MiEssence.

    • With this philosophy you shouldn’t ever go in the ocean. (:

      We do try to give options for preferences but I don’t see any health issues with salt unless you have a condition that would warrant avoiding topic sodium.

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