Products We Love! – Baby Bjorn Play Yard/ Travel Crib, High Chair and Carrier
Chemical free crib and pack and play

Baby Bjorn Crib is Oeko-Tek Certified!

One of the items we get asked most about here at Organic Baby University is play yard or travel cribs. As people become more aware of the toxic chemicals found in common childrens’ products, the frustration in these same parents is becoming apparent as they struggle to find products that do NOT contain these toxic materials! For those of you who may not know what these chemicals are that have so many parents concerned about the health of their children, we will give you a quick overview!

Dangerous flame-retardants: In a recent study, over 80% of baby products were found to contain flame-retardants. In fact, products like nursing pillows, strollers, and high chairs were found to contain toxic flame-retardants when they are completely unnecessary! Children are exposed to these every day, all day long from their crib mattress, car seat, and playmats if mom and dad weren’t taught about these chemicals and actively tried to avoid them! (And most parents have never even heard about these dangers to their children!) Two flame retardants have been completely untested as their chemical makeup is a “trade secret”, but the chemicals that have had tests on their effects have linked them to lowered IQs, cancer, and endocrine disruption (these chemicals affect hormones in the body). Children are much more susceptible to the affects of these chemicals as they are going through tremendous amounts of developmental growth and change. Higher levels were found in children than their parents…in fact 3 times the amount! This has been attributed to the fact that these chemicals settle in with dust and children are exposed to higher levels of these chemicals as they are lower to the floor and ingest more dust. Even more disturbing is these chemicals are bioaccumulative and persistent the body and environment. To learn more about why they use flame retardants and how the cigarette company played a big part in toxifying your children…not for safety…but for profit click

Phthalates- These are chemicals that make plastics more flexible and pliable. They are very common in childrens’ products and toys, including high chairs, play yards and other products. These chemicals affect hormones and are linked to birth defects in boys and other diseases and disorders

There is a long list of other chemicals to be aware of: lead, chlorine, BPA, just to name a few! This is the reason we want to let you know about one of our favorite companies BABY BJORN who makes safer choices for our babies and children! Yay!

Our very favorite product of theirs is their Travel Crib Lite!! We LOVE it! It is the ONLY travel crib/ play yard on the market at this time that we are aware of that does not contain toxic flamer retardants or other chemicals! It is Oeko-Tek certified (including the mattress) to be free of over 100 toxic chemicals. It is the easiest crib ever to travel with and move around as it is less than 5 lbs and folds up into itself to create a compact “suitcase”. It pops open nearly on its own and folds up in seconds. The other companies that I have tried are much heavier and difficult to assemble and disassemble.  We love everything about it. Throw in an organic cotton sheet that they make and you are good to go for non-toxic travel and play at home!

High Chair free of BPA and phthalates

Baby Bjorn High Chair (NO Flame Retardants!)

Baby Bjorn also makes a high chair that we just recently got to try out. We have done previous blogs about flame-retardants and other chemicals found in most of the popular brands. Flame retardants in a high chair? Yep! In a lot of them! Not Baby Bjorn though! They make this cool high chair that is good for babies 5 months to about 3 years old. It has a one-handed locking system for security and ease of use and a tray that is small enough to pop in the dishwasher if you like. And like their travel crib, they designed the chair to fold up to save space…this is only 10 inches wide when folded up! And of course the best part is it contains no nasty chemicals! BPA free, Flame Retardant free, etc! Yay!

The last product we want to talk about is their new ORGANIC miracle carrier. Most moms have no idea that there are carriers and wraps out there that may contain toxic chemicals like flame retardants, toxic dyes and pesticides! This is made with certified organic cotton, which is love! This carrier has been such a miracle for me personally too. My child has terrible eczema and the carriers that face her toward me make her hot and miserable. I could not find one that worked for us after hundreds of dollars and tons of wraps, carriers and slings. She is only happy being carried facing out where she can be cool and comfortable. This product has allowed me to carry my child close to me like we both want…otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wear her and I am a huge proponent of babywearing! Not only because I have to have hands to chase around a two year old…but if you do your research you will learn that the first 9 months out of the womb is really considered the 4th trimester. It is very beneficial to baby to be held close to mom. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to wraps and carriers. But we love companies that take out the toxic chemicals while we are trying to do the right thing by our children and offer organic! Thanks Baby Bjorn!!

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4 thoughts on “Products We Love! – Baby Bjorn Play Yard/ Travel Crib, High Chair and Carrier

  1. I just read a review on about the crib that leaves me feeling unsettled about how the crib is Okeo certified but not the foam mattress pad… This might be worth looking into… Are there any other play yards (because this one is really meant for sleeping, it’s tiny) that you would consider safe? Thanks.

    • Yes. I am aware of that. It is Oeko-Tek certified to be free of harmful chemicals including toxic flame retardants. That is the best on the market unless you purchase a safe, truly organic mattress replacement (which I do recommend if you can afford). Hope that helps!

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